We are a fine art studio where we bring back to life precious items you love, things that have sentimental values, make you feel and take you back to memories you treasure. We transform them into fine art paintings that become beautiful gifts for you and your loved ones.

Miriam Zuckerman is an artist and the founder of ArtisticViews. Her very special touch and the vision, is what makes us so different. We love what we can create for you and we are proud to deliver unique results with every painting.

Our Art Projects

Are you looking for an unforgettable gift? A very special and unique art piece that could stay for generations, something that carries energy and is profoundly meaningful…

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Our commitment to you: I am personally available and 100% committed to working with you every step of the way.

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Inspiration Gallery is created to help you imagine, get inspired and excited about ArtisticViews creating Your painting.

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All those things you love, that connect us to memories we treasure, items that have sentimental values…We bring them back to life, create fine art paintings, beautiful…

What People Say About Us

quotationMark_whtI had great experience with Miriam, who is an amazing artist and the most caring person I have ever met. I had some old wedding pictures and a few postcards my parents got for their wedding in 1968. In the beginning I didn’t know what I wanted. Miriam literally held my hand from the start to the end of this project, gave me lots of ideas, I didn’t need to worry about anything…. She painted a beautiful gift for my parent’s 46th anniversary. My parents couldn’t believe it! And I was so happy to bring so much joy to their hearts. Now, this painting will stay in our family forever!   – JB

I love Miriam’s illustrations! They transmit feelings of warmth and tranquility.
I chose the tea bag illustration for my office.
Each time I gaze up at it I am reminded to take time to let the mind settle.
Thank you Miriam!”
Hugs, CE

Omg, what an awesome and thoughtful gift! It’s a first time I received something so unique:) Love the details:) I didn’t know Miriam is such an amazing artist:) thank you so much!!!  – AR

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