Hi, I’m Miriam Zuckerman.

I am an Artist.

I paint…I draw…I illustrate…I treasure people’s moments.

I know the importance of priceless items in one’s life.

I know exactly how to capture those precious memories…how to make them stand out, like a gorgeous jewel on your neck or wrist.

Artistic Views was created to design a place for all those precious gifts that were meant to be with us a little more than forever.

My dad has always been my biggest inspiration.

He was the artist in the family. I used to watch him sketch very fast images, and when he dived into one, the result would end up being a very detailed drawing. I felt mesmerized by this magical transformation of simple lines into beautiful images.

Art has been my passion since I was a very young girl.

I loved every minute of it. The smell of the oil paints, the messy fingers when I used the pastels. The marks and lines of the charcoal banded sticks. Untill today, nothing can beat the entrance to my studio after I’ve used oils.

When I was 10 years old, I took a painting course in Hod Hasharon, Israel.  As always, I was accompanied by the huge, wooden easel that my daddy had built for me. This easel, 4.9 feet, travelled with me everywhere that I went. He built it so strong and tall that we became inseparable.

 Those moments were the beginning of it all.

All Other Bits and Pieces (almost)

Studying and learning all the hows and whys of the art world has always fascinated me, and so I’ve studied Photography and also Critical Theory of the Art in Camera Obscura and Art in Avni Institute Tel Aviv with Nir Alon to broaden my passion.

Fast forwarding, to the year 1999, Muswell Hill, London, I was sitting in a rented attic, in an apartment very close to the beautiful and romantic views of Alexandra Palace, playing with the name ‘Artistic Views’ forever.
While I couldn’t afford to pay for a domain name, nothing stopped me from 
practising different forms of art; from sketching to graphic design. 

Sketches, drawings and paintings, manifested in endless sketchbooks, while I was opening envelopes for 5 Pounds an hour for a living, I later ran the cafeteria in Dragon’s Health Club on the Hill, for pretty much the same salary, with working on more creations after hours. Nothing stopped me from doing what I loved the most.

I so badly wanted to paint and become an artist, and this desire is finally manifesting itself 17 years later, here in New York City.

When I moved apartments, I was cleaning and saying goodbye to a lot of the things I had held dear for years. There were a lot of books and so many other items that were heavy and occupied precious space.

One of the books that ‘fell’ into my hands, as I was cleaning, was ‘Time Zones’, written by Rav Berg, the founder of the Kabbalah Centre. I chewed it in 3 days, I was fascinated!!

After finishing the book I had to visit the Kabbalah Centre in London and have been practicing and studying Kabbalah since then.

In the earlier days and until not that long ago, I was very involved, traveling with the Centre to LA, Israel, LA again and lastly, after marrying my dear husband, Kenny, to NYC.

The desire to pursue my art grew after the birth of my twins in 2014. I was again moving things around, clearing some space for the new additions to our growing family.

In one of the drawers I found Rachel’s gorgeous Red Stewart Weitzman shoes that I could not let go of.
Three years prior to that specific moment, I had glued them to a small piece of canvas thinking – one day I’ll do something with them.

Artistic Views started shortly thereafter, and I am totally committed to it.

I love painting! Every image that catches my eye turns into a subject for a drawing. It is as simple and beautiful as seeing my loved ones every day.

Finding a platform to share my passion is the greatest joy for me. Sharing this gift with you is my dream come true.

The main reason I am writing this to you is to share my experience so you can see that hard work and perseverance will lead to your dream being realized and all you have to do is know it!

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