Wedding (Right Before) Painting Story

Wedding (right before):

So there is a great time, I mean really great enjoyable time. That period right before the wedding, I think they call it the “Euphoria” stage. The Pink zone in the love scale, that stage that sometimes continues and merges into the “HoneyMoon” phase after the marriage.

During the Euphoria time you can actually hear the birds and the bees singing right in your ears, you are mostly blinded by daily mundane facts that may sound like loud hectic drums later on. There is no Doppler Effect threatening to run you over, no real ‘mother in law’ effects to discourage one from continue.

Everyone is happy and excited for the two of you, including the two of you. 

Here’s to marriage !!! Congrats!!!

Wedding (Right before...) Painting

How to create your own art using “Wedding (Right before)” painting as an inspiration?

If you would like to use this painting as your inspiration , please, reference it as a “Wedding (Right before)”.

Tell me if you want something very similar or which elements from the painting you might like to use. 

You can choose to use different materials.

For more details visit our HOW IT WORKS section.

Salvador Painting on the Wall

Painting Materials Mixed media and Oils on wood.

Photo Print on Canvas is a great addition. It compliments the painting and creates beautiful Wall Collage. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Note: Choosing this style of art work will create a similar work, and because of the nature of the work, it won’t be exactly the same, similar but with its own touch.

Each work on this site is unique and there fore can’t and won’t be duplicated with the exact same details.


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