Red Shoes Story

These Stuart Weitzman red shoes were a gift from a good friend of mine, Suzanna Mishiev, when Racheli turned a year old. It was such a joy to see Racheli wearing them on Holidays and birthdays.

I so loved them and couldn’t give them away even after her feet grew far and beyond.

I’ve glued them to a piece of canvas and for 2 years or so stored them in a drawer.

After the birth of the twins, I was at home (a 24/7 work with or without help) for 3-4 month, until I was turning rooms upside down and opening drawers to create space and found the red shoes again.

A huge urge to decorate the canvas rose and this was the beginning of Artistic Views custom made art.


How to create your own art using “Red Shoes” painting as an inspiration?

If you would like to use this painting as your inspiration , please, reference it as a “Red Shoes Painting”.

Tell me if you want something very similar or which elements from the painting you might like to use. 

You can choose to use different materials.

For more details visit our HOW IT WORKS section.


Materials Used for this painting are: Oils on canvas, Stuart Weitzman red shoes, two wooden flowers.

Photo Print on Canvas is a great addition. It compliments the painting and creates beautiful Wall Collage. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Note: Choosing this style of art work will create a similar work, and because of the nature of the work, it won’t be exactly the same, similar but with its own touch.

Each work on this site is unique and therefore can’t and won’t be duplicated with the exact same details.


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