Roller Coaster Painting Story
Someone once said: Being a parent is like being a part of a close society, a club member, if you are not a parent, there is No Way! absolutely No Way you will ever understand the full meaning of it.
It was a regular morning of getting it all done and together on time, the big girl ready for Kindergarden, feeding and changing the boys, preparing breakfast and manage to eat it before school bus arrives.
A few days ago the boys discovered a new game and it goes like that: walk or crawl to the bathroom, lift the toilet seat up and play with the water. Until mommy or daddy hear and run screaming.
So, after changing the boys first thing in the morning, I probably left a bathroom door open, Yosef got in and wet his sleeves in the poo water (yes, oy vey!)
Kenny and I, washed him and while changing him, Boom! We heard a loud boom coming from the living room. We ran out, It was Michael, seating in a puddle of water, all wet and crying, he pulled the money plant and luckily only got wet. Surrounded with mud and torn leaves, we had to change him as well, again!
So we did, and then we heard a Boom again.
We ran to the living room to find Yosef pulling Racheli’s food from the table, spilling it all over himself and the floor.
I won’t replace these moments in a million years.
A roller coaster morning – free of charge. Anyone ready for a ride?

How to create your own art using “Roller Coaster” painting as an inspiration?

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Painting Materials Mixed media and acrylic on canvas.

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Note: Choosing this style of art work will create a similar work, and because of the nature of the work, it won’t be exactly the same, similar but with its own touch.

Each work on this site is unique and therefore can’t and won’t be duplicated with the exact same details.

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