Wedding Painting Story

The majority of mankind is waiting for this special moment. Some do for months, years, some decades. There are those who experienced it, got out and will go through another cycle, because they know and believe that living with one, the one and only, will change their life forever for the better.

Happy beginnings, funny ends, bitter moments, laughs, cries, turbulences, stormy waters, Joy…It really doesn’t matter – we are all (the majority) heading there…to get married, to be wed. So much energy in this ceremony, it will take us weeks and months to plan it and finally get to it, and in 30 minutes to an hour – all is done and the real work begins.

A bondage of Love and a lot of work towards perfect togetherness.

To love and weddings – Cheers.

Wedding Painting

How to create your own art using “Wedding” painting as an inspiration?

If you would like to use this painting as your inspiration , please, reference it as a “Wedding”.

Tell me if you want something very similar or which elements from the painting you might like to use. 

You can choose to use different materials.

For more details visit our HOW IT WORKS section.

Salvador Painting on the Wall

Painting Materials Mixed media and Oils on wood.

Photo Print on Canvas is a great addition. It compliments the painting and creates beautiful Wall Collage. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Note: Choosing this style of art work will create a similar work, and because of the nature of the work, it won’t be exactly the same, similar but with its own touch.

Each work on this site is unique and there fore can’t and won’t be duplicated with the exact same details.


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